Buoyancy and elasticity determinants of

The results shown in this research go partly hand in hand with those of (twerefou et al 2010) who estimated not only the tax buoyancy but also elasticity of the ghanaian tax system they found that the tax system is buoyant in the long run (108) but the short-run estimate is 074 with 34% of the disequilibrium between the long-run and the. The elasticity of yield is an important aspect of the tax structure (goode, 1984), and overall measures of elasticity and buoyancy may be useful as a descriptive tool, which may lead to further questions and point to a more. The determinants of vat revenues which when properly understood, documented, and captured in relevant tax revenue models, would make it possible to estimate accurately vat revenues within a specified period of time. In another study, mukarram (2001) estimated the tax buoyancy and elasticity of major taxes for the period 1981-2001 and found the buoyancy for total taxes to be exactly equal to unity.

Elasticity and buoyancy of the tax system in pakistan by afsar nafees key terms tax: to tax is to impose a financial charge on a taxpayer (an individual or legal entity. To achieve the stated objective, the import tariff buoyancy and elasticity for the pre-reform and reform periods as well as the impact of the liberalization on the yield were estimated the study confirms the hypothesis that tariff reforms improve tariff revenue yield. Price elasticity of demand is a measure used to show the responsiveness, or elasticity, of the quantity demanded of a good or service to a change in its price more precisely, it gives the percentage change in quantity demanded in response to a one percent change in price ( ceteris paribus , ie holding constant all the other determinants of. The term elasticity is defined as a way to measure how responsive doe's quantity demanded or quantity demanded towards its determinants (mankiw, 2008) in this world today, every government need revenue or income in order to increase the welfare of citizens and improve the country itself.

(2010), buoyancy and elasticity of tax: an empirical evidence from ghana, 1970 - 2007 west africa journal of monetary and economic integration, vol 10, no 2, pp 36 - 70 wamz, ghana vii. Elasticity of tax revenue ii) to determine buoyancy of tax revenue iii) to examine tax-to-base elasticity of tax revenue and iv) to determine base to income elasticity of tax revenue by adopting a causal research design, a. The improved buoyancy and elasticity was due to the success of the measures taken to address the import tax problems over the previous period such as the continuous inflow of foreign exchange, arising from the expansion in exports, increased foreign loans and remittances and the eradication of the import licensing system which permitted the. General sales tax showed highest elasticity of 156 and land revenue showed the least nambiar and joshi (1974) have analysed the elasticity and buoyancy of central taxes in india during 1960-1970.

2bilquees (2004) examined the elasticity and buoyancy of the tax system for the period 1974-75 to 2003-04 the elasticity of the total tax revenue both with respect to the total gdp and the non-agricultural gdp base is less than unity overall, sales tax takes the lead by way of improving revenues. Which requires the knowledge of buoyancy and elasticity of tax is a necessary condition for devising an appropriate framework for fiscal deficit management in nigeria this however. Effects of tax reforms on buoyancy and elasticity of the tax system empirical analysis of determinants of demand for family planning services in kenya's city. Focused only in the areas of tax reform without taking elasticity concept in to account even studies conducted so far on the determinants of buoyancy of tax revenue for developed and developing countries were focusing on using panel data methodology, yet country wise study through time series.

Buoyancy and elasticity determinants of

Jpd 1981 vol viii nos 1&2-f: buoyancy and elasticity of revenue emmanuel trinidad and sylvia de perio jpd 1981 vol viii nos 1&2-e: estimating literacy rate: a study relating literacy rate with combined gross elementary and secondary schools enrollment rate. Personal page of dr ps suresh: department of economics, nehu, shillong, meghalaya, india, investment behaviour, indian sugar industry, public expenditure and human development, capacity utilization in private school industry, elasticity and buoyancy of tax, public expenditure, corporate behaviour, fixed investment, inventory investment, dividends and external finance. Buoyancy and elasticity: determinants of local tax system's performance by: julhusin b jalisan civil servants and priests, soldiers and ballet-dancers, schoolmasters and police constables, greek museums and gothic steeples, civil list and services list the common seed within which all these fabulous beings slumber in embryo is taxation karl.

Study applies the concepts of elasticity and buoyancy to determine whether tax reforms in kenya achieved these objectives elasticities and buoyancies are computed for the. And buoyancy of personal income tax in the country however, these studies did not employ the most reliable ~ivisia index method to estimate the elasticity and buoyancy. Study of tax elasticity and buoyancy will thus be beneficial for tax planning and fiscal projection in the present nepalese context most of the earlier studies have followed a traditional approach to calculate elasticity.

Since buoyancy and elasticity are measures of tax revenue productivity the positive effects as established on the two as a result tax reforms, implies an improvement in revenue generation capacity of kenya's tax system. Determinants of elasticity of demand apart from the price, there are sever apart from price, there are several factors that influence the elasticity of demand the elasticity of demand is a measure of sensitiveness of demand to the change in the price of the commodity. Buoyancy and elasticity do not differ from one another a methodology the buoyancy of a tax system measures the total response of tax revenue both to changes in. Contemporary examples of elasticity but unlike hard tape, its site says, kinesio is designed to mimic a texture and elasticity very close to living human tissue the olympics' most colorful new trend: kinesio tape.

buoyancy and elasticity determinants of Base for most analytical applications is the „elasticity‟ or buoyancy rate that seeks to relate the percentage change in tax revenue to a percentage change in various variables that effect tax receipts. buoyancy and elasticity determinants of Base for most analytical applications is the „elasticity‟ or buoyancy rate that seeks to relate the percentage change in tax revenue to a percentage change in various variables that effect tax receipts. buoyancy and elasticity determinants of Base for most analytical applications is the „elasticity‟ or buoyancy rate that seeks to relate the percentage change in tax revenue to a percentage change in various variables that effect tax receipts.
Buoyancy and elasticity determinants of
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